Install/Upgrade Guide

Before downloading anything

  1. Go to your dolphin directory (this is where dolphin.exe is)
  2. Find the MKW_Inputs directory and Delete it. Make sure to back up any textfiles you're currently working on or you'll lose it!
  3. Find the Sys directory and click in. Do not delete it
  4. Find the InfoDisplay and Scripts directories. Delete both

Now you can go ahead and download

  1. Download the file here!
  2. Unzip it
  3. Use Ctrl+C to copy the two directories inside (MKW_Inputs and Sys)
  4. Paste them in the dolphin directory (this is where dolphin.exe is)

Citri, I hate reading. Show me a video or I will kill your entire family

I don't need a tutorial, just give me the download!